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Soft Sole Baby Shoes Are Best for Baby’s Feet at Every Age

Buying baby’s first pair of shoes has always been a special moment, celebrated and commemorated by bronzing those precious pairs. These days

when parents shop for their little one’s first shoes, they’ll almost always be picking out a pair of soft sole baby shoes. Fit and function are the most important factors to consider when choosing footwear for babies and children, and soft sole baby shoes are the most likely to meet the criteria for infant shoes that let you baby’s feet do what they need to do.

Your baby doesn’t really need shoes at all before he starts walking, but that’s never stopped parents from picking out cute or stylish footwear for even their tiniest little ones. In the first several months, parents can choose from bootees, slippers, socks and crib shoes. Each of those provides the most im
portant thing that baby’s feet need at that age – warmth without constriction or restriction. Soft sole baby shoes are an ideal choice for this age. The lightweight, breathable materials gently conform to little feet without hampering their flexibility.
Parents often don’t consider how babies use their feet while crawling and scooting around the floor. While larger muscles do all the work, the wrong baby shoes can make it more difficult for a little crawler to move around. Bare feet or socks all feet to bend and flex as needed while crawling and pulling up to stand, but they don’t provide any protection. Flexible, soft sole infant shoes are a great alternative to bare feet. They’re flexible enough to allow the feet to bend, flex and stretch as needed while still providing protection from
splinters, dirt and other little things on the floor that can injure feet.
When little ones actually start to bear weight on their feet and cruise around, it’s time to make sure that those soft sole baby shoes have a bit of traction. At this point, parents should choose infant shoes with thin, flexible soles that allow the baby to feel the floor beneath his feet. Fit is also more important at this stage in the baby’s development. Shoes that are too big are a tripping hazard and can get in the way as babies start to move around. Shoes t
hat are too small can injure tender feet – sometimes permanently. In fact, podiatrists estimate that about 70 percent of foot problems like hammer toes, bunions, calluses and ingrown toenails result from shoes that don’t fit properly.
As the child grows, parents can find larger sizes, including soft sole toddler shoes and soft sole shoes for young children, in a variety of fun and fashionable styles when you shop at merchants like Shoes Zoo, one of the oldest websites devoted to soft sole baby shoes on the Internet. Boring white baby shoes are gone forever. Today, babies get to style along with the rest of the world in fun, funky and functional soft sole baby shoes

What to Look for When Buying Soft Sole Baby Shoes

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When it comes to protecting your baby’s tender feet while still giving him the best support as he learns to walk, nothing beats soft sole baby shoes. Doctors stopped recommending those high-top leather baby shoes with arch support and hard leather soles years ago. Today, soft sole baby shoes are the most popular and best selling footwear on the infant and toddler shoe market.
Before your baby starts walking, there are only two reasons to put shoes on those little feet: warmth and fashion. Since your little one isn’t walking yet you don’t have to think about protecting his feet from injuries, but the shoes you choose can still make a difference. Opt for lightweight shoes made of breathable materials and make sure that the fit is loose enough to allow toes to wiggle and feet to flex. Crib shoes are a great option to booties and socks. They’re more difficult for your baby to remove but don’t restrict his foot muscles. Choose soft sole infant shoes in lightweight cow leather, sheep leather or fabric.
Once your little one is up on two feet and cruising around, you can add protection and traction to the benefits his shoes should provide. When choosing soft sole baby shoes for walkers, look for shoes that are made of lightweight, breathable materials. The uppers may be leather or fabric. The soles can be made of soft leather or a special flexible rubberized material. The two important things to look for are flexibility and non-slip soles.
In addition, fit becomes more important once your baby is on his feet. Shoes that are too big are a tripping hazard. Shoes that are too small can constrict little feet and cause calluses, blisters and discomfort. Soft sole baby shoes should have roomy toe boxes to let your baby’s toes wiggle, flex and grip as he walks. Shoes that compress his toes can cause lifelong problems like hammer toe and overlapping toes. Choose shoes that gently conform to his feet without constricting them.
Toddlers are more active and sure on their feet. Your toddler never walks when he could run, and that high speed careening presents new dangers for his feet. Non-skid soles are more important than ever so look for soft sole toddler shoes with textured, gripping soles that make slips and falls less likely. The soles should also be a little more protective, especially if your toddler is playing outside more often. Thicker soles should still flex easily, though, so always use the flex test when choosing soft sole baby shoes for active walkers. Bend at the ball of the foot. The shoe should bend easily. If it doesn’t, it’s too stiff.
Choosing the right soft sole baby shoes is easy when you shop at a website like Shoes Zoo, one of the Internet’s oldest sellers of soft sole shoes for infants, babies, toddlers and children. You can be assured of the highest quality standards and the widest selection of fun, stylish soft sole baby shoes that will always be kind to your baby’s feet.

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